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You can use our webplayer to watch on any device with a web browser.

Live TV

6000+ channels, 4 Connections Not IP locked, 4K channels,

Devices Supported

Our service works on Smart TV's, Android Devices, Apple Devices, RukuTV's & boxes, PC's, Tablets, Cell Phones.

Chat Support

Element support group, you will get the link in your e-mail, when you subscribe.

Service Features


We have a subscriptions to suit everyone. 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month


UEM is one of the most stable services out there today, fast reliable servers.


We have Element support group, with very fast response. Here we keep you well informed about everything that is going on with the service, and new features and any problems if any. Chat link is in your signup email. So please join to get support.
Resellers Welcome

What Our Client Says

Colleen McClure /

Colleen McClure

Great service at a good price!! Also where all others fail ,this one has great customer service. Lots of channels to choose from.

Chris Short /

Chris Short

Service and Quality 💯.!! No Buffer , Quick , Reliable , and Customer service is Great…These Guys Take care of you , Your like Family ( Trust me on that ) NO BS..!! Definitely worth it and Promise you Will not Regret it.!! ( Unless your looking for Perfect or Some Special channels or something ) then of course it’s really up to your needs…I’m sure , you will find it all here , The best part of this is : The People , Customer service , Support , They will go out there way to find a way for you to Surf The Streamz.!!! Like I Always say Stay GOLDEN 

Bob Harbison /

Bob Harbison

I’ve had the service for over a year. As long as it exists, I will not go without it. If affordability, service, channel selection and reliability. All at a fair price, is what you’re looking for, look no further.

Brian White /

Brian White

Great service. Hardly any hiccups since the beginning and if there are I always get a response of getting it resolved as soon as possible. I liked it so much I shared it with my friends and they love it. Great channel selection and runs pretty solid

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  • Resellers Welcome
    May 11, 2020 / No Comments » / Uncategorized

    If you wish to become a reseller, please contact us in our chat support. The link is in your signup email. We have a great support team to get help and ideas. Great time to make some extra cash, And start a home business.

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